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Whether you want to write a journal or an autobiography, the Write Your Life Story E-Course gives you a structure for what you want to write; many ideas to get you started and enthusiastic; and an understanding of new techniques to bring back memories and write a vibrant story.

The course costs $250.00 AU and is available to all English speaking nations. All notes and worksheets will be emailed to you within 2-3 working days of your payment being received. Please allow for timezone differences of a day between Australia and the northern hemisphere.

The course duration will cover a year from the date you select to commence. All teacher contact is carried out via email. The course includes feedback on your work and guidance through the course. Editing, publishing and publisher recommendations are not included. You are requested to seek independent advice for those services.

If you are interested in enrolling in "Write Your Life Story," you can at any time of the year. Payments are accepted by Paypal. You don't have to be a Paypal member to use their service. If you use e-cheques, there may be a few days wait for e-cheques to clear before your course is sent to you.

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Student Feedback, Write Your Life Story E-Course

Bev: "I have really enjoyed completing the exercises. Numerous long forgotten memories, many happy and many painfully sad, have arisen... I have downloaded many of the items, documents etc, and have made a reference folder. I have culled the mountains of papers that I was hanging onto and set up my study for easy access to notes, journals etc...

The course has also made me rethink how I am going to complete my Dad's Story... It has also given me other ideas to consider. I believe the course has provided the tools and resources to assist me to make better judgements regarding these potential changes.

Finally the course has given me the motivation and courage to complete the story I started just after my Dad's death. I used to worry that I was putting to much emotion into my writing and that I would bore people to death, but I have learnt that this is okay, this is how my life experiences have moulded me. Each week I have loved reading everyone's work... Also thank you Cate for your guidance and encouragement."

Megan: "I took an online course in autobiography and journalling... and I have my first e-book published! Don't Mind Me is published by Chipmunka and will soon be a paperback too. I tell my story, of my dysfunctional childhood, my first marriage... my descent into psychosis and my extraordinary recovery... The e-book is still no 8 in the top 10 of 380 e-books and I hope the paperback won't be too long now." (March 2008)



Cate's Teaching Qualifications and Experience

Cate Russell-Cole is a fully qualified Social Worker, Adult Trainer and Editor; with an understanding of both the psychology and technical aspects of writing and creativity. She has been researching, writing and teaching her own courses since 1990, and is a successful feature article and book Author.

She currently writes and coaches online. Cate’s creativity and writing coaching has attracted thriving online communities, which Cate maintains frequently to provide both how-to resources and writer support.

Cate has taught with the Adult Community Education programs hosted by TAFE in both New South Wales and Queensland. She has also worked for private training companies, Brisbane City Council and a variety of community services as a trainer. Her most successful course to date is “Write Your Life Story.”

Her involvement with the Brisbane City Council library system has included being asked to present lectures on Diary Writing for “One Book, One Brisbane Week” 2002. Students from the various libraries have started and maintained their own writing groups after they completed "Write Your Life Story," in order to continue to write and achieve their publication goals. “Write Your Life Story” has been so popular, students returned to re-take the course and waiting lists were often needed.

Cate is able to write up your notes and research into a format for face to face teaching, the Internet, or as printed material. She can also contribute towards course planning, research and the presentation of pilot programs. Please contact her for further information. Details are at the base of this page.



PenOther Courses Written

  • "Person to Person" Layman's Communication and Conflict Resolution Course, Copyright 1990.
  • Marketing for Writers, Copyright 1992.
  • Internet Use as a Resource for Writers, Copyright 1992.
  • "Write Your Life Story' Autobiography and Journalling Course, Copyright 2000.
  • Unleashing Your Creative Spirit, Copyright 2008. (An abridged version is now available in ebook format.)
  • "Writing Family History," a rewrite of an existing course hosted by the University of the Third Age Online. (Written in 2002)
  • "Maintaining Your Independence, A Course For Seniors," Copyright 2004. This is a course for seniors who want to retain an excellent quality of life and remain living in their own homes.



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