Avoiding Back Pain: A Simple Guide


Book CoverBack pain affects more of us than any other complaint, including heart disease and asthma. It is an epidemic which is largely avoidable, but rarely addressed in public health education. I grew upwatching my father struggle with debilitating, chronic back pain that was never adequately relieved. Many of his spinal problems came from being a manual laborer at a time when work safety procedures, such as safe lifting and posture, were not seen as a priority.

Our family paid for that attitude for the rest of my father's life. Back pain took him out of the workforce, decimated our family finances and chronically stressed our home life. He was often depressed and aggressive due to back pain. Unsurprisingly, back care and safe lifting are educational issues very close to my heart.

The information in this book is quite diverse. Taking care of your spine is an issue for everyone, including mothers; athletes; military personnel; the aged; computer users and office workers who battle with back ache due to posture; builders; manual laborers; and anyone who regularly lifts, bends and twists their spine to get tasks done whether at home, work or recreationally.

This book evolved out of my work with a non-profit back injury prevention organisation. The medical content in this book has been checked and approved by Dr Robert Labrom from Life Smart Australia, a registered, qualified Spinal Surgeon, with a Masters Degree in Spinal Biomechanics. When I left the organisation, it was agreed I could take my work and use it however I wished. In the spirit of what we were doing, I would like to make this e-book free so people can learn to avoid back injuries.

Contents Include:

  • Back Health Essentials: A Simple Overview
  • Basic Guidelines on How to Lift Anything
  • Conditions Caused by Repetitive Back Strain
  • What Type of Bag Do You Carry?
  • Back and Neck Friendly Computer Use
  • Household Maintenance and Back Strain
  • Lifting and Caring for Children
  • Spine Safe Sport and Recreation
  • Back Saving Water-Wise Gardening
  • Avoiding Back Strain While Packing and Moving
  • Taking Care of Your Back After Corrective Surgery: A Cautionary Tale
  • Back Care for Carers
  • Back Care for Wheelchair Users
  • A Special Chapter for Young Carers
  • Online Back Care Resources

This is your download link. The file is a 700kb .pdf file which will work on any computer or tablet device. It is protected so you will not be able to print or copy from it, but please, pass it on freely!

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Avoiding Back Pain: A Simple Guide, ISBN 978-0-9873175-7-5
Copyright Cate Russell-Cole 2012 All Rights Reserved Internationally
Publisher: Cate Russell-Cole: Artios Communications

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