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Desk ImageIntroducing Cate

Cate Russell-Cole is a qualified Creativity Coach and Social Worker, who is fascinated with the psychological and technical aspects of the writing process, characterisation and the overall science of creativity. She has a love of the science fiction - fantasy genre and has been writing diaries, appalling poetry and short stories since she was a child. Cate lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two cats and habitually writes everything in Australian English.

Over her career, she has researched, written and taught five creativity-orientated courses; worked as a freelance writer and has authored ten non-fiction books. Privately, she is a Christian science fiction/ fantasy author who is working on The Chronicles of Mirchar Series, plus a non-fiction book on the life of King David.

Cate writes and coaches online to an International audience, providing both how-to resources and writer support. Cate also teaches in Brisbane, with both Local Government and private training providers. More information can be found on her Writing Portfolio Page (link above).



Cate shares interesting and useful resources for writers daily through Twitter. Not all posts that are shared are the opinion of Cate Russell-Cole: Artios Communications. There are many different views on creativity and writing. A cross section of views is passed on to meet all tastes, and allow the reader to make up their own mind. Click on the icons above to go to her profiles.

Cate is unable to reply to all Twitter RTs and follows, due to health and time limitations, however, she does her very best! Please be understanding. Your support is deeply appreciated and where she can, the favour will be returned.




Creativity Study Books and 'Quick-Read Ebooks for Time-Starved Writers'

Please click on the covers for full book details, ordering information and reviews. Phoenix Thriving, Savvy Blogging and Avoiding Back Pain are free.

All books can be bought from Amazon Kindle, or off this site via Paypal, in a .pdf and/or epub format which you can read on any device. Paypal membership is not required and it is secure.

Cate's two works of Christian fiction, The Dragon Tree and The Memory Library, are part of The Chronicles of Mirchar Series. Due to the controversial nature of some of the content, limited epub editions will only be available from Cate, by special arrangement. Both books are priced at $25.95AU. The Dragon Tree and The Memory Library will be on back order until at least May 2015.

You can read Kindle e-books on any computer, phone or tablet device. There is also an App for Cloud. App and program links are on the book pages.

All book sales support Cate's blog which is a free service to the writing community that equips, empowers and encourages writers to achieve their goals. The blog is relevant to all genres of writing.



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Binyamin Bat Books (Benjamin's Daughter Books), is the Spiritual division of Cate Russell-Cole: Artios Communications. The division was set up to cater for Prayer Journal Workshop and a new book on the life of King David, which is currently being researched and written. For inspiring information about King David, please join us on Twitter. A blog may be maintained in the future, but for the time being, one is not operative.

Cate's blog is a free service to the writing community, hosted by Cate Russell-Cole: Artios Communications. It is a non-profit initiative, supported solely by book sales.

The purpose of the blog is to equip, empower and encourage writers to achieve their goals.

Blog posts share writing tips, online writing events, how-to videos, technical web site and blogging help, resources lists, social media and promotion strategies, plot and character development ideas and more. The blog has over 6000 followers and has been thriving for the past three years.


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"People behave in patterns, what an interesting way to develop characters. This post really made me think about that extra dimension." Writing Sisters

"I feel like you wrote this post for me. Thank you for reminding me why I blog. I was slowly falling into robot trap." Angie

"I really love how you apply the grieving process to writing. This post was very helpful for me, thanks!" Michele

"I like your brief plot and character novel-writing suggestions." Joanne

"VERY powerful thoughts that I can relate directly to. Thank you so much!" Jeff


"I've enjoyed each of your psychology-based writing posts. They are an excellent resource to reflect back on my characters and how they've reacted / will react, and whether I've given them enough layers to make them feel real to readers - even when they don't feel real to themselves. Keep 'em coming!"
 Shelly Immel, Fiction Writer and Founder of The Big Life Project

"Cate, As a memoir writer, I have to be able to get back into my own head to convey the essence of the truth and reality of past experiences to make them real to the reader. These writing posts are valuable resources for any genre. Thank you!"
 Kathleen Pooler, Memoir Writer



The Memoir Project Blog:

The Virtual Desk of Cate Russell-Cole

If you are interested in more memoir / autobiography writing resources, click over to the Virtual Desk blog for all the posts featured in the Write Your Life Story Memoir Project, plus many more posts which are relevant to life story writers.

Guest contributors include Kathleen Pooler from Memoir Writer's Journey:; Sharon Lippincott from The Heart and Craft of Lifewritng: and Sherrey Meyer from Healing Life's Hurts Through Writing:

This is an eclectic blog, which is my project sandbox. It houses the odd bits and bobs that need a home. You are welcome to subscribe for the Memoir Project content, but be warned, you may get other odd, seemingly irrelevant posts from time to time. New posts will be sporadic.

Click on the Facebook button below to join the Write Your Life Story Facebook page. The other links will take you to useful resources for writers, including Youtube videos from many sources, including well known memoir authors and teachers.



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