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The Family tree has grown substantially since last updated. It now contains over 100 families and 408 people. I am very grateful for the effort that Liz Grimsey and the late Bob Cole contributed in the creation of this family tree.

I have recently gone back into contracting in Australia, so this version of the tree did not progress as far as I would have liked, in terms of content. This version does not include any pictures, period articles or stories, since there simply was not enough time to include them. All the information is as factual as possible. Any assumptions are notated and a star is placed on the List of Persons page, against that person.

Please let me know of any additions or corrections you can add to the family tree. These will be included in next version. That version is also planned to include pictures, period articles and stories that I receive from family members. So if you want any content included, please email it to me. Facebook is a good place to share large photo albums, but unfortunately because of the effort it takes to get pictures up on the this website via our family tree software, inclusion of pictures will be limited.

1. Every attempt has been made to safeguard the identity information for all living people, so you will note that only the year of Birth and Marriage is included for living family members. Full date information is only provided for deceased family members.

3. If for any reason you wish that your year of Birth or year of Marriage be excluded, please let me know and it will be taken out of your record.

4. If you want to include any additional information for anyone living, such as school attended, place of birth, full date of birth etc, I will include that only by request from that person in email.

1. Click on "List of Persons" to locate a particular family member's information and to see where they are positioned in the overall family tree.

2. A good starting point can be with yourself from the “List of Persons”.

3. You will see that your portion of the family tree is provided as a chart at the top of your page, with your family and other information following.

4. Clicking on anyone on the family chart at the top, or any family member in the body of the page, will take you to that person's page. So it is completely interactive, and you can go backwards in time through the branches that will take you back to the 16th or 17th century. How far back you will go depends on whether you are tracking back through the Cole or Elliott family branches, which are the main branches in this tree.

5. In time, this family tree could be expanded to take in other related families. If you would like your family and ancestors included in the family tree, please let me know.

6. The type of content (media) that can be added for any person is pretty much limitless, and can include facts, pictures, PDF files, videos, sound bites and stories.

7. Clicking on the small pictures or charts will bring up larger versions of these images, articles or videos. (None of this content is included in this version, but will be included in the next version.)

8. Clicking on a Birth or Death event will bring up another page that shows information and certification, if they are available.

9. Marriage Events and Certification are included under Lists of Families.

10. Please explore all the features that are available under the List of Families, Sources and Statistics options.

1. The next version will include content (pictures, stories and period articles) that I receive from family members.

2. I will be separating these version notes and instructions off onto a separate page.

3. Introduction of sound bytes and videos to the tree.

I would really like to make this family tree as full and as interesting a possible. So, It would be great to hear ideas about things that you would like to see included... so please don't hold back.

I would also like to hear from anyone that would like to get involved with searching for period pictures and articles, writing short stories about the various family tree branches and searching out missing family tree members and their applicable certificates. So please let me know if you would like to get involved.

Thank you for visiting.

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